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Latest News

  • Mzaza’s Europe tour

    The first week of Mzaza’s tour was packed with shows, a recording session and a ridiculous amount of cheese.  Our first gig was at a beautiful venue in the very musical 20th arrondissement of Paris.  The audience was full of ...

  • Mzaza’s 2016 Europe Tour

    Mzaza’s first stop is Paris, Pauline’s home town where they’ll perform at La Halle Aux Oliviers and also record several new original pieces.  Mzaza gained some recent exposure in France when a song of theirs was released on a compilation called ...

  • Mzaza’s generous sponsors
    Here is a list of the music-loving good folk who are supporting our Europe 2016 tour:
    Lock Stock & Barrel
    Shut the Gate Wines (available through Lock Stock & Barrel)
    Temple Brewing Company –  (available through Lock Stock & Barrel)
    Red Octopus Screenprinting
    Frank and Mimi
    Can ...
  • Help get Mzaza to Europe

    This July Mzaza is touring France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria. We’ve been booked for several festivals and got in touch with musician and producer friends from France and Czech Republic. The bulk of our tour funds have been ...

  • Nightwatch awarded Best Song Queensland Music Awards (World Category) 2016

    Mzaza’s song Nightwatch was awarded Best Song in the Queensland Music Awards (World Category) 2016.  Two other Mzaza songs, Love on TV and When I was a Child have been Highly Commended.  Mzaza is grateful that Queensland’s music diversity is recognised by ...