Pauline Maudy


Pauline is our resident French singer. She loves animals, food, and being mischievous. She is a keen songwriter and also leads management activities for the band thanks to skills she has picked up doing as much as she possibly could in the arts. She has worked on everything from festivals to movies and manages community projects. On tour she can be found drinking expresso martinis and causing trouble while planning the next show!

    Greta Kelly

    Violin, Shahkaman

    Greta is a brilliant violinist and a true lover of people, as well as one of the original members of Mzaza. She is also a lover of exotic instruments (she plays the Shahkaman made by Peter Biffin, which she studied in Greece, Turkey and Iran), a keen traveller, and an unstoppable organising force in the band. On tour she can be found seamlessly running logistics, discovering great new songs for us to play or meeting new friends!

      jordan stamos

      Jordan Stamos

      Tombak, Darabuka, Bendir

      Jordan is our percussive power and our equivalent of urbanspoon - he always knows where the best cafes are! He is a brilliant player, skills he's honed through missions to Greece and Turkey for lessons with bendir and darabuka demons. Jordan has a fantastically disturbed sense of humour and knows how to be a great friend.  On tour he can be found test tasting the local specialties and searching for his tenth coffee, or stalking echidnas.

        John Robertson


        John is the Spanish guitar maestro, the lone wonderer and the kind heart. He isn't the loudest but always has great things to say. He has written a lovely new song for our album. On tour he has a tendency to go wandering.. like that time he slept in some Tasmanian forest and came back with words of wisdom and a face full of wonderment.

          Goran Gajic

          Double Bass

          Goran Gajic is our Bosnian rock. He played bass guitar in punk and alternative rock bands and somewhere along the way he thought there must be something more interesting than repeating the same 4/4 phrase over and over, so he delved into other genres and switched to double bass. Now watching him play will make you feel like you have been on a meditation retreat. On tour he... well, for now we can tell you that he has some serious tent-pitching skills.

            Ance Deksne


            Ance who hails from Riga, Latvia, is our accordion ace. She has a sensible suspicion of airlines so when Mzaza flys anywhere Ance weilds her bubble-wrap in such swathes that her beloved accordion is nick-named 'bubble boy'. Whenever we meet other folk and world musicians on tour Ance always ends up jamming with them, and consequently she plays a miriad of styles, from Italian to Brazilian. Inspired by her Latvian heritage she also plays kokole (Latvian zither) and for years has performed with Latvian music group ‘Zigrida’.

              People MZAZA has worked with

              Andrew Veivers, Linsey Pollak, Boris Bergman, Sam Pankhurst, Stephen Cuttriss, Gwen Warnick, Rob Davidson, Chloe Ann Williamson, Bill Anderson, Mike Taylor, Andre Bonetti, Matt De Boer, Malindi Morris, Michael David Thomas, Miranda Deutsch, Max Fowler-Roy, Dave Oddy, Jeff Turpin, Paolo Grossi, Greg Marsh, Angie West, Ocean Wilson, Pamela Maudy, Toby Gifford, Richard Ferrari, Kylie Morrigan, Andy Busuttil, Kieren Alexander, Dave Sleswick, Janey Mac